VFW SS20 Collection

Eventful and tumultuous, 1969 was the most notable year of the 20th Century and the inspiration behind byLJ Studio’s S/S 2020 collection, "HOLLYMOOD". Struck by the year’s continued impact on pop culture 50 years later, the collection is a commentary on the media’s misdirected focus on controversy and its fascination with highlighting the darker side of the “hippie revolution” vs. the global issues and accomplishments of that time. 

Experimenting with a monochromatic colour palette - including variations of reds, oranges and browns - these colours are not only representative of interior design from this era, but also of the juxtaposition between an earthy, love-focused hippie counterculture, and the bloodshed of warfare. 

Lyndsey echoes the values of Woodstock goers; in her own pursuit of sustainable business practices, she observes 1969 as a turning point in the movement towards environmentally-conscious practices. Lyndsey’s collection incorporates repurposed material from vintage garments and offcuts or textile waste (through FABCYCLE).

Watch the full length video here