Cradle Our Spirit October 2018: Local Designer Article

This week, PHASED. by LJ was featured in Cradle Our Spirit, Japanese web magazine, in their local designer column. Written by Keiko Boxall. 

See below for English translation of the article: 

Success in the fashion world needs business skills as well as a sense of styles and fabrics. Lyndsey Jackson has both, as was evident in her new collection which she presented at this year’s Vancouver Fashion Week.

For inspiration, she drew on the life that she and her contemporaries enjoyed during their twenties, a life of travel, partying, music and adventure. “Most people can relate to that,” says Lyndsey, who is in her early thirties. 

For the look she went with a monochromatic color palette, using a lot of whites. She uses layering, which for her represents electronic music. It also has the advantage of being super-practical. 

“I experimented with different textures this time, and with different fabrics and digital prints.” Getting a fabric digitally printed was a new experience and a kind of experiment. “I took various images and drawings and photos from my twenties. I inverted them, and created a kind of tartan symmetrical fabric.”

She also experimented with asymmetry, which she had tried before.  In her last collection a garment would have something shorter on one side than the other. This time the asymmetry was expressed through the fabrics themselves. 

“If something had the printed fabric on the front it would have the same fabric in a larger or smaller proportion on the back. My interest this time was more with the fabrics themselves than with the colors.”

She went into the fashion business as a result of a lifelong interest in clothes, which led to “a permanently overflowing wardrobe.” But she had already taken a degree in business, which helped prepare her for the grind of marketing her creations. A design course at John Cassablanca’s Institute showed her how to change her vision into reality.

So what’s next?

“I was a little bit afraid of the challenges that come with the business. But here I am--I’ve already done my second fashion show. And now I’m putting together a catalogue.”

Lyndsey Jackson’s website is at