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October 7th-13th 2019, Vancouver, Canada – byLJ Studio is the talk of the city as Lyndsey Jackson presents their captivating new collection at Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW) for the S/S 2020 Season. The featured brand is local to Vancouver and aims to provide individuals with new perspectives and a raw, unassuming sense of beauty. 

Vancouver Fashion Week is the fastest growing fashion week in the world and the only industry event that actively seeks out to showcase international award-winning designers from over 25 global fashion capitals. Since its inception 18 years ago, VFW has operated with a firm belief in being a well-grounded local initiative with global instincts and intuition.

“At Vancouver Fashion Week, diversity really is our greatest strength. We bring together the most incredible design talent from across Canada and around the world, presenting the most forward-thinking creative concepts to the industry. Fashion is a truly global phenomenon and its so inspiring to see such a strong mix of designers all under one roof here in Vancouver.” says Jamal Abdourahman, producer and founder of Vancouver Fashion Week. 

Eventful and tumultuous, 1969 was the most notable year of the 20th Century and the inspiration behind byLJ Studio’s S/S 2020 collection, HOLLYMOOD. Struck by the year’s continued impact on pop culture 50 years later, Lyndsey Jackson’s collection is a commentary on the media’s misdirected focus on controversy and its fascination with highlighting the darker side of the “hippie revolution” vs. the global issues and accomplishments of that time. 

Experimenting with a monochromatic colour palette - including variations of reds, oranges and browns - these colours are not only representative of interior design from this era, but also of the juxtaposition between an earthy, love-focused hippie counterculture, and the bloodshed of warfare. 

Lyndsey echoes the values of Woodstock goers; in her own pursuit of sustainable business practices, she observes 1969 as a turning point in the movement towards environmentally-conscious practices. Lyndsey’s collection incorporates repurposed material from vintage garments and offcuts or textile waste (through FABCYCLE). 

byLJ Studio remains true to its theme of asymmetry in clothing, as it is representative of our lives and our history. In a year of “giant leap(s) for mankind”, a year so significant to ongoing social issues, such as gay rights, abortion laws, and liberation, one American criminal and cult leader was being sensationalized by the media in Hollywood. It leaves us wondering - how does a series of vicious murders gain as much attention as the first man to land on the moon? 


October 7th-13th 2019

David Lam Hall

50 E Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6A 3V6

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Born and raised in North Vancouver, Lyndsey Jackson became particularly interested in fashion after living in Berlin and travelling throughout Europe in her early 20s. 

Lyndsey believes that in life, you need to take a closer look. She is attracted to subtle details and clever methods. These concepts are central to her work and translate through the experimentation of asymmetrical design, textural detail, repurposed material, and the use of 3D technology. She believes in creating inventive garments that are also wearable. 

Her contemporary label launched in September 2017, as “PHASED byLJ” (now known as byLJ Studio). She has showcased her designs at Vancouver Fashion Week for FW18 and SS19. 


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